Rol's movement is a bit unique. Rol pinpoints which opposing unit is the strongest (has the most HP), and if there's a Rock spot adjacent to it, Rol moves as many spaces as needed to get to that Rock spot. If there are multiple strongest and/or multiple Rock spots adjacent to the strongest, she moves to whichever of those Rock spots that's closest to her/requires the least movement on her part. This does mean that she can move more than 2 spaces. This also means she can move even if already adjacent to a Gearloc, if it's not the strongest opposing unit and/or her position isn't Rock. She only doesn't move if there are no Rock positions she can get to that are adjacent to the strongest opposing unit, or if she's already on Rock and adjacent to the strongest opponent. 

Rol can attack Rok, because they are opposing. So she also considers Rok when determining the strongest opposing unit. She won't attack any other Baddies, because she doesn't consider them opposing. Though Rok and the other enemies may attack her because they do consider her to be an opponent.